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quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2017

3º MB. - 13 going on 30 scene (2004). Book: Way to Go! pg 30.

JENNA:   Hi.

MATT:     Hey.

 JENNA:   I don't know what Lucy said to you about me, but I want you to know...
                ...that whoever that was she was talking about...
                ...wasn't me.

MATT:   It doesn't matter what Lucy said.
                I stopped trusting her after she stole my Pop Rocks in the third grade.

JENNA:  Matt.
I am not the awful person that I know that I was.
                I don't even know that person.
                And I'd like to believe...
                I have to believe that if you knew that...
                ...if in your heart, you really, really knew that...
       wouldn't be getting ready to marry someone now.
                Unless that someone were me.

MATT:  Jenna, I'm not gonna lie to you.
I have felt things these past few weeks...
                ...that I didn't know I could feel anymore.
                But I have realized in these past few days... can't just turn back time.

JENNA:  Why not?

MATT:  I moved on.
                You moved on.
                We've gone down different paths for so long.
                We made choices.
                I chose Wendy.
                That's her family down there.
                We care about each other, you know?
                You don't always get the dream house, but you get awfully close.
                Please don't cry, Jenna.

 JENNA:   Oh, I'll be fine, I promise.
Matty, can I have it?

MATT:   - You're not gonna whip it at me?

JENNA:  - No.

 JENNA: Look, I won't have you be late. Just go.
Go on. I'm fine. I'm just crying because I'm happy.
                I want you to be so, so happy.
                I love you, Matt.
                You're my best friend.

 MATT:    Jenna, I...
                I've always loved you.


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